we tell Your story

Telling stories. That’s what we do at Sylvester. We combine two core activities: events on the one hand and audiovisuals on the other. Two very different activities, you might be thinking? Well, not fundamentally.
Because whether we’re filming or making something happen live, our goal is always the same. Putting across a message, telling a story: that’s what we aim for in every assignment. There’s a reason our slogan is "we tell Your story".

Our TV & AUDIOVISUAL TEAM tells both fictional and non-fictional stories. We make movies, fictional series and documentaries for TV channels één, Ketnet, Canvas, VTM and KRO.
In addition we can also tell your commercial story: a testimonial, an info film about your company, an instructional video, an online viral or a sparkling keynote or powerpoint presentation.

Our EVENTS TEAM also has a whole arsenal of tools to bring a story to life. Interactive conference and seminar formats are ideal platforms for strongly content-oriented messages. With multimedia staff events we immerse employees in the story and culture of a company or organisation. Customers become fans via sparkling customer events and product launches. And a public event is also ideal to sweep up the public at large into a metropolitan or urban story and awareness-raising campaign.

Over the past few years, Sylvester has evolved from a company with two very high-performance divisions (audiovisuals and events) to a state-of-the-art CROSS-MEDIA PRODUCTION COMPANY. We bring the story of people, brands, government authorities, organisations and companies to life through authentic experience concepts. For this we make use of the entire range of event-related and/or audiovisual tools while drawing on our expertise and experience with high-level customers.

And the purpose of a good story? A narrative that sticks and is told on enthusiastically to others.

we tell
Your story